Big Red Go Green

Via Izzy Mo, I just learned that my alma mater is being subjected to the sham that is islamo fascism awareness week.  I had celebrated earlier when I didn’t see UW’s name on the list, but alas, our college repubs even got the big man himself to speak.  MSA and other orgs organized a “wear green” campaign to show displeasure, but I didn’t see too many people wearing green :(

However, positive news in that both the “conservative” student newspaper and the “liberal” student newspaper agree that something fishy this way comes (looks like things are going in a more positive direction at the Badger Herald, since publishing the Muhammad cartoons last year, blah).  Also, Hillel disassociated itself with Horowitz.  This makes me wonder how interfaith dialogue is going on campus.  We had a few first timid steps when I was a part of the MSA.  It would be interseting to know how it has continued.

As much as I am happy to see the MSA and other student orgs are working together to provide an alternate view, I am soooo glad that I am not there.  I was there for the whole Daniel Pipes fiasco, and let me tell you, it was exhausting, both physically and emotionally.  Haters tire me out.

Will be looking for more info on what the MSA is doing and will post as found inshaAllah.


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