Pet Peeve Phrase of the Day


“Seventh Century”

As in…

“…governed by seventh century rules…”

“…stuck in the seventh century…”

etc etc etc

Usually said or written in a derogatory manner towards those seeking to live their lives by sharia, or when some group of muzzies somewhere attempts to enforce their vision of sharia (usually in a barbaric manner that in all actuallity has no basis in sharia).

Why is this a pet peeve?  Because it shows a complete lack of understanding as to how sharia was formed and how it developed, nay, dare I stay, is developing.  Heck, one doesn’t even need to get all in depth with it.  A quick glance at good ol Wikipedia will show that sharia developed over several centuries.   Even if the gates of ijtihad were closed (which is debatable), they were closed in or around the 10th century, which is certainly not the 7th century.



2 thoughts on “Pet Peeve Phrase of the Day

  1. I hate the words “traditional” when referring to Muslims. As in, “she wears the traditional Muslim dress” (i.e. hijab) or “she’s a traditional Muslim.” I don’t like the manner in which the word “traditional” is being used. It’s equivalent to saying outdated or old; not quite modern.

  2. Hmm, I use the word “traditionalist” to describe how I practice Islam (ie madhabi), but definately not to mean that I do it in an outdated way.

    Heck, what is a traditional muslim? There are dozens of muslim countries with hundreds of different traditions. What is traditional muslim dress. We ain’t a monolith.

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