03/07/08 Jummah in Review

Oftentimes, I’m sitting at the masjid for jummah or some other event, and I’ll go “dang, I should blog about this.”  But, I have the attention span of a knat and a memory to go along with, so by the time I get to the computer, I’ll have forgotten what had inspired me. 

Not today.  Today, I took notes on my little hello kitty notepad.  Here are the highlights:

  • Met Multicultural Muslimah.  Turns out we’re both converts, both married to egyptians, and live and work 2 miles from each other.  Spooky.  inshaAllah we’ll be hanging out in the future, and perhaps even encouraging each other to exercise.  Talks are also in the works for a Twin Cities muslim blogger meetup, and the formation of a Wives of Egyptians Twin Cities chapter.
  • Keith!  Some girls are musician groupies.  Others swoon over acters.  Me?  I go gaga for islamic scholars and muslim politicans.  And, since there’s really only one national level muslim politican, and he happens to attend the same masjid as me, well, I freak whenever I see Keith Ellison. 
  • Little kids (especially girls) praying with their daddies.  MashaAllah.  There was one little african american girl who was praying with her dad at the beginning of jummah, and I was all awwwww…and then halfway through, another dad came in with his daughter and son, and they all offered 2 rakats together.  I just about melted.
  • The khutbah.  It was good, but it just didn’t seem complete.  The point was that we have our 5 pillars.  The shahada is the foundation, and salat, zakat, sawm and hajj are the pillars.  We build our islamic houses, but we don’t live in it.  We don’t flesh it out.  The khatib said we should build walls and a roof, but then didn’t say what those should be built of.  inshaAllah I’ll create a seperate entry and perhaps my readers (I know you’re out there!) can give suggetions on ways to flesh out your deen house.
  • The khatib.  He was a guest from Virginia Tech, and was good.  His english was clear, just a light trace of an accent, and he spoke with decent grammar.  He was a middle age arab brother with an excellent white sunnah beard, and he was so cute when he used slang.  My favorite that I wrote down was “24 hour 7.”

2 thoughts on “03/07/08 Jummah in Review

  1. i think i’ve actually seen this blog before somewhre. nice to know that we’re so close. what masjid do you attend if you don’t mind me asking. you can email it to me if you dont’ want to put it out ther.

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