One Year

Keith Ellison looks back at his first year in office in an interview with the Minnesota Monitor.

I just gotta say, mashaAllah, the people of Minnesota are awesome. 


MM: So you’re confident that a fear campaign that plays obliquely on race or on Islam won’t work?

Ellison: Right. But I’m also confident that it will be tried. Vigorously.

MM: Are you expecting to get baited and attacked about your Muslim faith again this time around?

Ellison: Yeah. It’s never really stopped. I could show you a very thick folder of some of the most hateful, vile, nasty, rude, insulting, racist stuff you’d ever want to see. But it ain’t nothing, man. It doesn’t mean anything. I look at it as entertainment. These are guys sitting at their computer in their boxers with nothing to do.

I mean, they’re really more sophisticated than that. But they’re also a small group, and they don’t represent the mainstream of American thought. In the last election, they dropped 110,000 pieces of literature basically calling me a terrorist. Didn’t work. They dropped it on the same day that I was at a seniors’ center in St. Louis Park. Old ladies were saying, “Oh, honey, so glad to meet you. Thanks for spending time with us.” One lady really warmed up to me, and I said, “Did you see that piece?” She said, “I saw that garbage. I put it on the bottom of my birdcage.”

People have a sense of other people. They know who’s negative and who’s not, who’s for them and who’s not, who cares and who doesn’t.

Today, though, it’s not about swaying large numbers of Americans [in national elections]. That’s not the point. They just want to shave at the margins and keep it close enough to steal. [laughs] That’s my opinion. They want to keep it close enough so that you can credibly steal the election.


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