abayas for eid

Ah, what I’m dreaming of wearing for eid.  I’ve done “american” clothes the last few eids, but there is just something about putting on a long, flowing swooshy abaya that makes everything fall into place for eid.


4 thoughts on “abayas for eid

  1. Assalmaualaykum!

    Long time no write :D
    Abayas dont have to be black and dull, you can have them in alll colours, check these out:


    and and, the prices are crazy BUT if you know a tailor they can usually help by designing similar things.
    I’m inshaAllah wearing a brown turquoise abaya / dress this eid :)


  2. Ah, but I like black abayas :D My first abaya was a black gulf style one with a mock coat, and I’ve been partial to them every since. I always pair them with a bright scarf, which creates a nice contract IMHO.

    Brown/Turquoise does sound pretty. Post a picture if you have one.

    I was drooling over a hot pink abaya from rayannes last year, but nothing ever came of it.

  3. Cool cool, a fellow black abaya lubber :-)

    I shall post a picture when I finally decide to sew it! I know ramadan is round the corner!

    And I’m gonna get loads made in India inshaAllah :D
    Its great being an indian sometimes.

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