the muzzies are coming, the muzzies are coming, part ahad wa tisun (aka 91)

Ok, nothing to wake me out of my cold induced kitty high like a bs islamaphobic lawsuit:

AIG Bailout Promotes Shariah Law, Lawsuit Claims

The suit — brought with the support of the Thomas More Law Center, a non-profit law firm that promotes conservative Christian values — claims that making U.S. taxpayers comply with Shariah, the Islamic legal framework based on the Koran, is unconstitutional.

This month, AIG announced that it would offer Shariah-compliant homeowner insurance policies, known as takaful, to U.S. customers through one of its subsidiaries. To be Shariah compliant, companies cannot earn interest and must agree to send a percentage of their revenue to Islamic charitable groups.

The lawsuit — by Iraq war veteran Kevin Murray, on behalf of U.S. taxpayers, against Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and the Federal Reserve — claims that by subsidizing AIG, the federal government is conveying “…a message of endorsement and promotion of Shariah-based Islam … and [a] message of disfavor of and hostility toward Christianity and Judaism.

I hadn’t heard of a shariah compliant insurance policy.  We have renters insurance through state farm at present.  *makes mental note to investigate further*

ps – to the lawsuit filers I say bwahah!


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