In Imam Nawawi’s collection of 40 ahadith, we find that our beloved Prophet (saws) said:

“When any one of you sees anything that is disapproved, let him change it with his hand.  If he is not able to do so, then let him change it with his tongue.  And if he is not able to do so, then let him change it with his heart, though that is the weakest faith.”

Do you see it?


With your hand, change it.  In a recent SP class, we were talking about figurative and literal meanings.  The Prophet (saws) told his wives that the ones with the longest hands would be the first to join him.  The wives thought he meant literally who had the biggest hands, and measured against each other.  In the end, the first wife to pass on was the one who had given the most in charity.  She had stretched her hand out to give charity, making it the longest.  Use your hands to reach into your bank account and give.  Islamic Relief must have some access, because we received a letter from them yesterday saying they had delivered $130,000 worth of medical supplies within the first 48 hours.  With your hand, change it.

With your tongue, change it.   Write a letter to the editor.  Write your representative and/or senator.  With your tongue, change it.

With your heart, change it.   Make abundant dua.  Turn to Allah (swt) and rely on Him, because He is the one who will change these conditions.  Our Lord! Bestow on us Mercy from Thyself, and dispose of our affair for us in the right way! [18:10].  With your heart, change it.

5 thoughts on “change

  1. JazakAllah khair and thanks for the link. It reinforced my trust in IRW as the place to donate through:

    “At Islamic Relief we have decided that we have no choice but to deliver food to people – no matter what the dangers, and there are plenty of dangers in Gaza.”

  2. salaams, sis

    i hope you didn’t think i was questioning IRW … it was a general question. i’ve seen many positive comments regarding IRW … my concern lately is just stories i read about current situations such as barclay’s and such.

    keep up the great post. you keep me thinking and feeling! =)

  3. Oh no, of course not. I just wanted to alay any possible fears. My husband is the same way. Everytime we donate, he has to check the list of charities that support terrorism to make sure it wasn’t added.

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