believing and leaving islam in Minnesota

Via Sufi News and Sufism World Report:

“You’d believe me if I said I was from Minnesota, right?” asks Charlie Sanders, noting his appearance, at the top of his new solo show.  “But if I told you I was raised Muslim. you’d think I was kidding. ”

Sanders draws in the audience by recalling, with hilarious acuity, the confusion of his teenage peers in the early ’90s. Spike Lee had just made Malcolm X; when some of the African-Americans at Sanders’s school found out he was Muslim, they accused him of posing, of trying to co-opt something “black.” Then he recited a prayer in perfect Arabic, and they lionized him.

The piece teems with misguided characters searching for meaning.  In spite of this – or pehraps because of it – Sanders offers no message.  His disinterest in dogma might mirror a decision to leave behind the religion of his youth (he admits he’s agnostic now).

I’m disapointed by that last bit – would love to see more practicing muslims creating “halal theater.”  The husband is in theater, if only as an accountant for one, lol.  It does mean we get lots of tickets to lots of shows though :)

Did a little googling, and found that he’s posting as “Bacon Shakin” on an improv board.  It would be interesting to see the show, if only to try to suss out why someone raised in Islam in the same environment I’m in would leave.


One thought on “believing and leaving islam in Minnesota

  1. I was googling the show and found your post. The show is definitely worth seeing, and hopefully Charlie will bring it to Minnesota sooner than later. I think it would be great for him to do it there. If you’re ever in New York you should come out and see it.

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