street cats in the ME

Via UmmTravis I stumbled upon Compound Cats.  It’s a volunteer organization based in Saudi Arabia (I think) that aims to promote understanding and better treatment of cats in residential compounds.  Having seen how street cats are treated in Cairo first hand and hearing about the kitties in Medina from almiskeenah, a hearty alhamdulilah and many duas for the peeps at Compound Cats for their effort!  I had been thinking about how a TNR program would work in the Middle East, and low and behold, people are already working on it!  Alhamdulilah.

When we adopted the Squeakster, she was already spayed.  If she hadn’t been, I don’t think the husband would have allowed her to be.  The prevailing opinion, it seems, is that spaying/neutering is unislamic.  Compound Cats has put together a good argument as to why neutering in particular should be permissible islamically.  Granted, I’m not sure it will convince my very stubborn husband, but we’ll see.  Their final point is a good one:


People have created a situation for these animals which is no longer natural and neutering is the more compassionate and beneficial way to help the situation.

From what I’ve been told, the saudi government (?) deals with the cat over population population problem by culling (ie killing) cats they scoop off the street.  Wouldn’t it be more humane to snip snip and let the cats live out their natural lives?  Snip snip vs. death…hmm, I wonder…

As a muslim and a cat lover, this site made my day.


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