You don’t know what the big deal is?

Oh, please, he is just another president, only this time we get one that is a first term Senator/Community Organizer that is half black, half white. Whooppee It is not that big of a deal and I know that if McCain would have been elected he would never have wasted all that money on all the hoop-la.

45 years ago, we had this:

And this:

Today we have this:

And you don’t see what the big deal is?


4 thoughts on “srsly?

  1. While its a achievement for our racist and bigoted country its nothing for Muslims to celebrate. We are Muslims, first a foremost and celebrating ruling by other than Allah swt is nothing to be all hip hop happy about.

  2. Can’t say I agree with you on that one. Muslims sought out the protection of non muslim rulers like the King of Abyssinia since the very beginning of Islam. If Obama takes steps to remove oppression in the lands, then that’s something we as muslims should be happy to support.

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