missing minnesotan somalis

The story that’s been playing here in Minnesota for some months has now made it to the big time – NPR.

Just hours before President Barack Obama took the oath of office, the FBI had word from overseas of a possible terrorist attack. The threat was linked to a Somali hard-line jihadist group called al-Shabab, or The Youth.

The threat came at a time when the FBI was focused on what looked like a massive recruitment effort of young men from Somali communities in the U.S. As many as two dozen of them have disappeared from Minneapolis alone in the past year.

Federal agents are worried these young men are training in Somalia and could end up returning to the U.S. to launch a terrorist attack.

The most recent disappearances happened last November, on Election Day. That’s when 17-year-old Burhan Hassan and six of his friends seemed to vanish. As the rest of the Somali community in the Twin Cities’ Cedar-Riverside neighborhood were watching the election returns, the boys slipped away, boarded a plane and headed to Africa.

It’s surreal to hear places you know well talked about on the national news. The Towers?  Been there.  Minnesota Dawah Institute?  Been there too.

So now this is the question to ask – will these kids keep the fighting in Somalia, or will they bring it back to the US?  The later appears to be the FBI’s fear.


2 thoughts on “missing minnesotan somalis

  1. The FBI is afraid of either one, but the Shabab said they would fight in Somalia first, then expand from there, even to Alaska, Chile, and the Solomon Islands.

  2. Then there’s a reason for the FBI to be all nervous about this. If these boys were just going to fight an honorable fight (ie following the rules set out by the Prophet [saws] and not transgressing the bounds) I could almost be ok with it. But if they’re going to come back here and make problems, then no way in heck should we be passive about this.

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