define chutzpha.  To stand outside someone’s place of worship with a megaphone and slander their religion.

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I especially like the rant at minute 6 of the first video.  We don’t convert to christianity because we don’t want to give up our sin, that we’d rather have a few minutes of pleasure then all of eternity.  Srsly?  Aside from polygamy and not believing in the divinity of Jesus (as), I can’t think of anything muslims are allowed to do that is considered a sin for christians.

If they took down the signs, put away the megaphones, and just tried to engage in dialogue (a’la the Prophet Muhammad), I’d have no issue.  But dudes, a megaphone?


5 thoughts on “definition

  1. Oh, I don’t mind megaphones in relation to protests in general. It’s just so gauche to stand outside a place of worship before/during/after a worship service and yell at the worshipers.

    Really, if they had wanted to make a positive impact on the people, they could have just stood outside and tried to engage people in dialogue, but all they did was p*ss everyone off.

  2. السلام علیکم

    Thanks for defining chutzpah. But you misspelled it. Thats really lame practice to use megaphone and disturb the people busy in worship.

    جزاک اللہ خیرا

  3. as salaam alikum! New to your blog and love it! I cannot believe people would use megaphones like that.. I felt the way the cute lil girl felt in the first vid watching that! Yikes!

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