muslims on the air

Two muslim related stories on my NPR station here today:

 Was Bridges TV Beheading an Honor Killing?

With an excerpt from Sh. Hamza’s khutbah last Friday and a short interview with him.

Somalis worried after suicide bomber details emerge

As federal authorities continue to investigate the disappearances of a number of young Twin Cities men, some Somalis say the climate feels similar to the months following 9/11.

Mueller on Monday told the independent Council on Foreign Relations that authorities believe Ahmed, a naturalized U.S. citizen, “was radicalized in his hometown in Minnesota.”

Sharmarke Jama, 26, said many Somali-Americans bitterly opposed the 2006 Ethiopian invasion of their homeland. Jama, and his friend, Ramla Bile, said they heard stories about the Ethiopian troops raping Somali women and looting property. And they said it’s not surprising that some Somali-Americans were moved to action.

“But you heard it in the sense of, ‘I want to go back to Somalia and bring change,'” Jama said. “But then the suicide bombing changed the dynamics. I think it scared a lot of people. It was seen as something so anti-Somali.”

And now, Bile said wonders what the general public might think of Somalis in Minnesota.

While she was riding a light-rail train recently, Bile said she overheard a group of men harassing a teen-age Somali boy, telling him that his people were terrorists and that they didn’t deserve to be here.




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