woh is me

It was suppose to be my first weekend off in 2 months.  The husband and I were going to spend the day together.  We were going to cook together, watch a movie, exercise, and read Qur’an.

Alas, I am at work.

And as if that didn’t suck enough, I am screwed.

See, I got a call to come and scan documents to send to experts ASAP.  Sounds thrilling, right?  Oh, it gets better.

They installed the new scanners this weekend.

And I don’t know how to work them.

I’m usually pretty good at figuring out new pieces of equipment.  But now it’s giving me errors and I don’t know what to do.

*puts head on desk and sighs*


2 thoughts on “woh is me

  1. assalaamu alaykum … oh sis … i hope you were able to get the scanners going. i know how frustrating it is when you are trying to do something “important” and having to waste (not much to spare anyways) time because you are struggling with what is normally an easy thing.
    the good thing is that – after it is all over – it’s all over!
    hope you and hubby can get some relaxing alone time soon
    insha’Allah, you will!
    ~smile~ (even if you don’t wanna!)

  2. wa alaikum assalam,

    I managed to wrangle the scanner into submission, but it took a good 4 hours. Should have been an hour job tops, but ah well

    Got to spend a little time together today, so alhamdulilah.

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