umm squeakster is…

…now on facebook.

I’ve been avoid facebook up until now.  I spent enough time online as it is.  Ah, but the peer pressure has gotten to me.

I did not, however, sign up using my real name.  I created a new life for myself after high school, one that I don’t particularly care to share with the majority of my high school classmates.  I’m sure if they’re diligent, they could figure out who I am, but I’m not going to go shouting it from the rooftops.

Also, while I’ve been around the old home town in hijab, I don’t really feel like proclaiming my muslim-ness to peeps I’d rather forget.  I can just imagine the small town gossip mill churning and flinging that little nugget all to kingdom come.  If they can suss it out from my name, then more power to em.

Finally, if you friend me, please drop me a note saying who you are.  Too many online personas to keep straight :)


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