you go girl

Egyptian women learn to fight back

The instructor Redo Fathy says it is now incumbent on every woman to protect herself from the unwelcome advances of Egyptian men.

“The girls face a lot of problems,” he said. “Especially the teenagers that attend high school. Some of them have long distances to travel.”

“Our job is to give them the skills they need to protect themselves should something happen.

“One of our girls was attacked on the way home. A boy on a bus grabbed her from behind. She used a technique we had taught her to restrain him, until other people on the bus gathered around to help. He was later handed over to the police.”

Sexual harassment is not usually a subject openly discussed here. But a recent survey carried out by the Egyptian Centre For Women’s Rights has lifted the lid on an alarming trend.

Of just over 2,000 questioned 83% of Egyptian women said they had suffered some form of harassment.

Even more startling, nearly two thirds of the men they surveyed freely admitted they had abused a woman at one time or another.

On one hand, mashaAllah, way to step up and take charge of your lives sisters.  On the other, a large, hardy booooooooooooooo for egyptian men who harass women.  2/3 of the surveyed group admit to abusing women?   Do these dogs purposely and willfully ignore Allah (swt) and His messenger (saws)?   Egypt is supposedly the most religious countryin the world, with 100% of respondents answering yes to the question “Is religion important in your life?”  How important is it really, if you don’t lower your gaze and respect your sisters in islam and humanity?

Shame shame shame on them.


2 thoughts on “you go girl

  1. Assalam Alaikum,

    Really great that the sisters are finally stepping up to take action against this treatment. So shameful that the men act like that, may Allah give them the punishment they deserve.

    I grew up in an extremely abusive household, so when I have children I plan to enroll them from a young age in self defense, to me it is just as important knowing how to protect yourself as it is to read, do math, etc.

  2. I strongly agree with this article, especially since the subject of Muslim women being treated in such ways isn’t always brought up when it most certainly should be.
    The statistics astounded me at no end, and i hope Allah (SWT) guides those who are not on the right path, inshAllah.

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