the end to a busy day

Alhamdulilah it was a good day.  Work was good – got a good review.  Got some posts done, and a few more in the works.  Went to a halaqa that was good.  I’m motivated now to memorize Qur’an and hadith, so that I can accurately quote things in conversation.  Then came home and hung out with ma kitteh while the husband was out with a new friend (yaaay, he needs friends).  The Squeakster is currently sleeping on a chair next to me at the computer.

Look at this cute bundle of fluff.  How could your heart not melt when you see her?  Occasionally, I’ll reach over to pet her, and she makes a little grunt, annoyed at first, and then content.  Good night sweet kitty.  If but for my asthma, I would take you to bed with me, but alas, I’m off to sleep alone.


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