on my ipod

Alhamdulilah, I dug the ipod out of my book bag and plugged it in to the new computer.  Alas, that means losing everything I’d previously purchased, but at least now I can escape the news.  I still can’t give it up completely, but when a story on the economy comes up, I can fast forward right on through :)

So on my ipod, I have:


One thought on “on my ipod

  1. I will have to check out “The Only Word” insha’allah. I have the iQuran Pro and Mobile Holy Qur’an apps on mine.

    Podcasts – This American life, New Islamic Directions (not too much going on there), Seekers Gudiance, Al Habib Ali Al Jifri, and Zaytuna. I had a few others that I recently deleted. Oh, and lots of Radical Middle Way stuff.

    I wish I could get my ipod to work in the car. I have one of those digital tuners, and there isn’t a signal free enough to work, and the tape thing I have just keeps flipping over and over and over.

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