zomgosh crisis

So the husband may go to egypt this summer.  Alhamdulilah for him, as he hasn’t been back since he immigrated to the US more than 3 and a half years ago.  I was debating going for a few weeks.  Not the entire time, but just enough to get some awesome abaya shopping in :D

Oh, but now crisis…what would I do with Squeaky while I was away?  I’m literally feeling sick to my stomach about leaving my beloved kitty behind.  Would I board her?  I don’t want her to be stuck in a little cage?  Have someone come over to feed her?  But that’s only for 15 minutes a day and she’d be so lonely.  And I don’t have any friends in the area who would take her.


Look at that face.  Who could leave that face alone for 2 weeks?


8 thoughts on “zomgosh crisis

  1. And are there any relatives you could leave her with? Even if they have to drive a ways to get her? I think you should go, but if you can only go for such a short time, maybe it’s better to sit this one out. Love you!

  2. awwww sis … i wish i lived closer … i would take care of her for you!

    insha’Allah it will work out for you to go with hubby and know that squeekster will be fine while you are away.

  3. Some pet sitters, particularly college-aged, will also house-sit. Ask at your vet. A tech at my mom’s vet office used to do it for her.

  4. asalaam alaikum sister,

    unfortunately they don’t allow pets in my apartment or I would take her in, but I definitely could stop by if you live near and give her some attention. I know it’s not ideal, but it’s an option.

  5. Thanks so much for everyone’s suggestions and offers of help. Miss A, we should do lunch or tea sometime :)

    Molly, we still don’t have a time, maybe June, but nothing is really certain.

  6. I would love to do lunch or tea. I think you can see my email address, I don’t want to post it. Feel free to email me.

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