one quarter

I’ve officially been a muslim for one quarter of my life now, alhamdulilah.  On this morning, 1/4 of my life ago, I awoke before fajr, earlier then I’d ever arisen as a college student.  I stumbled to the bathroom to attempt ghusl and returned to my dorm room.  I pulled out one of the scarves I had purchased from alhannah, clumsily fashioned it to my head and stood at the foot of a prayer rug I hoped was facing towards Mecca.

I had been exploring Islam for more than a year, and subconciously had considered myself a muslim for months.  Using cards a kindly sister in Texas had sent, I prayed fajr for the first time, and in doing so, submitted myself to Allah (swt) with my whole heart and concious.

Over the years, I have not always been the most attentive slave of the Most Merciful.   Please make dua for me that I will improve as I continue forward on the straight path.

Oh Allah, may your Mercy towards me prevail over Your Wrath!

Oh Allah, allow me to draw nearer towards You walking, so that You may come to me running!

Oh Allah, on this Thursday when the gates of Paradise are open, please forgive me my transgressions and protect me from future ones!

Oh Allah, make me one of your friends.  Help me to draw nearer to you with obligatory acts, and even nearer with superogatory works, so that I may be one of those You love!

Oh Allah, make me one of those You love, so that You are my hearing with which I hear, You are my seeing with which I see, You are my hand with which I strike and You are my foot with which I walk!

Oh Allah, make me one who, when I commit a sin, immediately run to you and beg your forgiveness!

Oh Allah, make me one who stands the last third of the night in prayer!

Oh Allah, let me die with la ilaha il Allah on my tongue and in my heart!

Oh Allah, make me one of the people of paradise!



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