mmm creamy

I haven’t had ice cream in years, since I was diagnosed with cold induced asthma.  As much as I love love love it, it’s just not worth the hour long coughing fit that ensues after an ice cream cone.

Add to that the fact that many ice creams are heavily processed and chock full of chemicals, and most others contain vanilla, there hasn’t been much out there that’s tempting me to start an asthma attack.

Until now.  I present to you Haagen-Dazs Five, “…[a]ll-natural ice cream crafted with only five ingredients for incredibly pure, balanced flavor… and surprisingly less fat.” 

While not all are alcohol free (the mint and vanilla bean contain extracts, which most likely contain alcohol), you still have ginger, coffee, brown sugar, milk chocolate and the heavenly passion fruit to chose from.

I picked up a pint of passion fruit from Target (where it was $1 less then the grocery store) for Abu Squeakster, who love love loved it.  I decided to risk an asthma attack for a taste, and O…M…Gosh it was worth it.  Maybe it’s just because I haven’t had ice cream in forever, but I don’t ever remember an ice cream being so creamy and flavorful.  Definitely worth the coughing fit.  I think I’ll sneak another spoonful tonight :D

I am reminded of a hadith in musnad Ahmed, who narrates that the Prophet (saws) said:

“Whoever leaves something for the sake of Allah, Allah will provide him with a better thing.”

Our friends think we are crazy for avoiding food with vanilla, alcohol-based flavorings, and animal rennet.  Ah, you’re missing so much, it’s too hard…

SubhanAllah, Allah (swt) provides us with something better.  I leave my kraft cheese, and Allah (swt) gives me cabot, sargento and seriously strong cheddar.   I leave my kraft macaroni and cheese, and Allah (swt) gives me Annie’s.   I leave my Babcock Ice Cream (which has gelatinin it *sobs*), and Allah (swt) gives me Haagen Dasz Five.  I’m still waiting for my replacement for diet pepsi, but inshaAllah it will be coming :D


4 thoughts on “mmm creamy

  1. wait, diet pepsi is not halal? no really, it’s not HALAL? *cue mental breakdown NOW*
    what’s in it that makes it not halal?

  2. Sodas are made with artificial and natural flavor, which often are made using alcohol. Since I follow this opinion – – that would make the soda filthy and not fit to drink.

    I will just say that I don’t know 100% for certain that the natural and artificial flavorings contain alcohol, since apparently this is a trade secret and their customer service won’t answer my questions >:( But, when I worked at McDonalds in high school, the soda syrup canisters were considered flamible. Hmm, why would they be flamible? Perhaps because they had a high concentration of alcohol?

    For us in eating, we’re attempting to leave things that are doubtful and rely totally on things that we know are 100% halal.

    Now, there is a difference of opinions on this one. Indian based hanafis hold that the types of alcohol used in food flavoring (synthetic) aren’t filthy, and as such are ok to use – – I actually think this is probably the most widely followed view, since soda is sold all across the muslim world with basically the same recipe that includes artificial and natural flavorings.

    When we contacted one of the big soda producers, they mentioned that al Azhar had ok-ed their soda. Abu Squeakster is trying to find their opinion and look into it. But for now, we’re not certain, and since we’re doubting, we’ll leave it until we’re certain.

  3. aaa, got it. thanks for the info.
    i have heard great things about this soda club carbonator and am planning on investing in one soon. all the reviews are great and in the long run it comes to be cheaper than to support a diet pepsi habit. . you might want to check it out as you can create your own carbonated beverages and control what goes into your soda.

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