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Lots of stuff to share today: 

I think there is scarcely a muslim community in the US that has not been helped by Imam Siraj at one point or another.  It’s high time we give back.

Via Indigo Jo, an article on the civil war in the right wing islamophobe blogosphere.  I must have a bit of a masochistic side, because I semi-regularly browse several of the blogs mentioned.  This story gave me warm fuzzies.

Faraz Rabbani has been putting out some mashaAllah excellent podcasts.  Two new ones in the last 2 days, one on the significance of wudu, and the other on the goal of seeking sacred knowledge.

 And out of Minnesota, the war on pirates hits close to home.  The director of the Somali Justice Advocacy Center, Omar Jamal, is out in New Yorktrying to get a lawyer for the young pirate.  Back home, (republican) Marty Seifert isn’t too happythat someone is actually, you know, helping the wheels of justice progress.  The right to an attorney?  Pshhh, who needs an attorney?  He wants government funding to the SJAC taken away. 

See, here’s what I don’t get.  We have a system here in the US, a justice system.  You either work within it (legally) or outside of it (illegally).   If someone wants to work within the system, they’re bad and must be punished?  What exactly are we suppose to do with this accused pirate?  Turn him over to a lynch mob? 


3 thoughts on “crazy linkage

  1. Seriously, anyone calling for the SJAC funding pulled hasn’t bothered looking at the work Omar Jamal does. I interviewed him several years ago (very nice guy) and have followed him in the news through the years. I have been continually impressed with his commitment to the law as the law and for no other reason. I think I’ll have to write Omar Jamal a letter of encouragement.

  2. Would that interview happen to be anywhere online? I would be very interested in reading it. I have not encountered this brother beyond a few news stories, and some depth would be interesting.

    re: squeaky, she is totally adorable, isn’t she? *i am not obsessed with my cat i am not obsessed with my cat i am not obsessed with my cat*

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