help me update my resources for newbies

So if you look up at the top of this blog, right there above the beloved Squeakster, you’ll notice a bunch of links.  One of these says “converts.”  If you could, please click it and look through the list. 

Is there anything missing that you think a new convert absolutely must read/listen to/watch?

I am adding this video.  MashaAllah excellent advice that doesn’t scew too heavily towards any one group.  I’m really liking this post-sufi/salafi/traditionalist infighting that has been emerging recently.   At the fundraiser last weekend for Imam Siraj (btw if you haven’t donated yet, DO IT!) it nearly brought me to tears that these beautiful brothers of knowledge from all across the spectrum came together in their love for another brother, who was from a completely seperate part of that spectrum.  If there is hope that the sufi and the salafi can live together not only peacefully, but with a high level of respect for the “other” inspite of our differences,  it’s coming here in america inshaAllah.


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