I really really liked this movie.   AbuS did as well.  Thoughts with spoilers after the cut.

Don Cheadle plays Samir, a Sudanese/African American Muslim who at first appears to be a terrorist.  Later, we find that he’s infiltrating a terrorist ring to bring it down.  The character knows islam and actually practices.  It gave me warm fuzzies to see a good muslim character on screen. 

We started watching it a few nights ago, and AbuS finished it before I did.   We watched the end last night, and after the bus explosion I said, ahh, good idea.  AbuS said, no wait, the best part is still to come.  So we come to the final scene in the movie. The FBI guy, who first encountered Samir in a prison in Yemen and has been chasing him the entire movie, speaks with Samir and then says Assalamu Alaikum as he’s about to leave.  Samir replies the salaams and says “You should start the conversation with that.”

Profound, right?  I’m like, so, what’s the best part?  AbuS, being much more philosophical than I, could not believe that I didn’t get it.  If we approach our tasks, our obstacles, our enemies, our lives first with a greeting of peace, with a hand extended in friendship rather than a sword drawn to smite, how much easier will our path be?

Ahhh, gotcha.


4 thoughts on “traitor

  1. I haven’t read your spoilers. Netflix has it as PG-13 but everywhere else seems to say R. Was there much adult content?

  2. I’m pretty sure that was for the violence. I don’t remember anything sex related.

    *consults Sheikh Google* According to the IMDB parent guide, there are just some pictures of men in a shower, upper part showing. The rest is for violence.

  3. it’s been a while since i watched it but i enjoyed it, too. i don’t remember the shower scene … and! that was my fav line of the movie … “you should start the conversation like that” … although i didn’t really get it until i just read your “spoiler” but … wow … co-sign on your thoughts!

  4. Assalam alaikum,
    My husband and I watched this movie a while ago. We really loved it and have been recommending it to our non-muslim friends and family. Just really well done and nice to have a movie where there is a muslim good guy.

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