Going to take the car in tomorrow for some much avoided repair work.  Last time I had repair work done, they had to replace my back axle to the tune of $1,000.  Apparently I had driven 500 miles of my 700 mile grand tour of Wisconsin with a broken axle.  If I hadn’t taken the car in for a tire rotation in my hometown while on tour, the tires could have come off while I was driving on the highway!  So alhamdulilah, despite the steep price tag.

There’s something screwy with the right front something or other that I deferred doing last time but really should do before I go on my next grand tour at the end of the month.  Make dua that it isn’t another $1,000.

ugh, being an adult has too much responsibility attached.

On a related (to the forthcoming grand tour of Wisconsin) note, my mom and my sister have both been receptive to my obsession with eating naturally (and by extension zabiha-y), ie meals made from scratch with whole ingredients and no scary sounding chemicals and preservatives.  Mom and I actually talked this last weekend about a story we both heard on NPR, in particular, this part:

Kessler says it is possible to create virtually anything with chemicals. In his book, he writes that a piece of meat can be made to taste like it has been seared, braised, roasted or grilled. And, he tells Norris, much of our food today — because it’s so highly processed — is enormously palatable.

Seriously, is that not disturbing?

And, I often have talked with her about my grocery shopping triumphs, where I manage to purchase only whole ingredients.  So, she’s already aware that I’ve become super nit picky about what I eat.  I’m really hoping that she won’t freak when I refuse to eat x y and z at their table.

I’ve already offered to do the cooking for my grandma and my parents while I’m there, so I am hoping to introduce some tasty vegetarian cuisine sans non zabiha meat and potential alcohol.


3 thoughts on “ugh

  1. Just wanted to say a big thank you for helping me come up with cost friendly meals. I’m making lentil soup at least once a week now thanks to you sweetie. ‘m sure that in time your mom and sis will get more onboard with you.

    As for the car, inshallah I wish you know a Muslim mechanic who wouldn’t take you for a ride. Maybe your husband knows someone? Making dua for you dear. Love you lots!

    PS-Love the new layout!

  2. Assalam alaikum sis,
    Check the lug nuts on the front wheels, we thought we needed to replace the bearings but the nuts were just loose on the one side(alhamdillah, the wheel did’t go flying off!).
    Too bad there is no muslim mechanic there, if you guys lived up here we’d introduce you to our mechanic. He’s not muslim, but he doesn’t charge out the wazoo and lets people have their cars back if they need to make payments.

  3. Lisa – I don’t necessarily think a muslim mechanic would be any more honest then the one I found. He has 35 years experience, and promised to call me before he did any work. inshaAllah he’ll be honest :)

    Glad you liked the suggestions. I’ve made a ton of good lentil recipes lately. I’ll have to post a huge list of cheap eats sometime soon.

    Thanks for the comment on the layout – can you tell I love my cat, lol?

    Sr. Sabiha – wa alaikum assalam, jazakAllah khair for the suggestion. I’ll definatily mention that to him when he calls me today.

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