online islamic store review

There needs to be a site where sisters can post their experiences shopping for islamic attire online.  Is there something like this out there?

mashaAllah, I’ve come across a ton of new shops, but I’m wary to purchase.  Why?  Because I’ve heard from too many people who have had bad experiences with poorly sewn products made out of cheap material, not to mention a certain seller who keeps reincarnating themselves to continue their rip off scams.

I’m totally not computer savy enough to design and run a site, but I’d totally collaborate with a sister who would be willing to get this going.


4 thoughts on “online islamic store review

  1. Assalam Alaikum Sis,

    This would really be great. I’ve put off buying a lot of Islamic things like prayer mat, etc since I have not been able to get a response from anyone as to how trustworthy some sites are. I don’t want to put my credit card on their and have it stolen or get charged for the product, but never receive it.

    Insha’allah, keep searching. We’ll find something eventually :)

  2. asalaamu alaykum,

    i keep posting and forgetting to enter the “no bot” code below and keep losing it! LOL

    i was just thinking the other day that if i had more time and money (HA!), i would so open an online store selling all the things i want to buy myself!

    i browse this sister’s blog often:

    she posts lots of great feedback on quality of product, customer service, returns … i’ve ordered from a few of the links she has shared and have never had a problem and the quality has been great. i also like that she writes about “local” (read: Old Navy) retailers and gives advice/suggestions on what they are stocking that is modest (and what’s on sale!).

    i’ve been working hard to build a modest wardrobe. i’m totally a tunic girl now (i wonder if all converts start with the tunic? LOL). it’s hard to find coordination long sleeves for underneath to cover the arms and to cover the chest thru the shirts slits and v-necks. i have also started a massive scarf collection. i haven’t started to wear hijab yet – SOON, insha’allah! – but when i do, i’m going to be rocking in color coordination!

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