4 thoughts on “line by line – a new series inshaAllah

  1. Assalamu ‘alaikum dear Rahma!

    i loved what you wrote: “I’ve still spent a considerable amount of time with Allah (swt)’s book.” … reading the Qur’an is khayr, glancing at it khayr… touching it is khayr…MashaAllah! May Allah The Most High reward you with ABUNDANT khayr, for your efforts, Ameen!

  2. That is a great series idea. I wish I thought of it first! Although if you don’t mind, I could almost start one too, giving you credit and linking to your blog each post of the series. It would be impossible for you to singlehandedly cover the whole of the Qur’an. Well, you could over some years… Anyway, I’d love a good reason to look into things in detail! :)

  3. Hey, by all means go ahead! I was debating how to proceed – I think I may just pick my favorite verses or ones with concepts that interest me in them, rather then go verse my verse. As it is, it takes a really really long time to put one of them together and AbuS is not a fan of me taking over the kitchen table for days on end while I sort through books, lol.

  4. I might try then! Not sure I can do the greatest job, but I will just hope people can get something out of it. If I end up doing something like that.Thanks for the OK. :P

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