the weekly squeaky

all squeaky, all the time.  Here she is with her harness which is unfortunately too tight.  She’s not really happy with it, but does enjoy going outside.  No outside this weekend though, as it was raining.

The Squeakster and I enjoyed a very nice weekend together.  Since AbuS sleeps until noon on the weekend, the morning is spent laying on the couch reading, with Squeaky sitting on my chest.

In the afternoon, we played with her “da bird,” which btw is the best cat toy every.  We have another feather on a string toy but it can’t hold a candle to da bird.  After half an hour of play, I’ll stick it back in the closet and she’ll sit forlornly meowing until I get it out again.   Later, she came up to me, pawed at my leg, and when I looked, turn around and ran.  I followed her and she led me to, guess where?  The closet where da bird was hiding.  It’s like kitty crack.


2 thoughts on “the weekly squeaky

  1. I’m impressed that you got the cat to take to the leash. I tried that on my cat once and I think he’s just forgiven me two years and hundreds of cans of Fancy Feast later.

    My cat had a fish. . . loved the fish. Now that I live out in the sticks, Kitty plays with birds- real birds.

  2. Squeaky is one VERY patient kitty, thank God. She’ll put up with AbuS rough housing with her and only sulks for an hour or 2 after a bath.

    I wish we could get Squeaky a fish, but alas, we killed our 2 attempts at beta fish. And no bird feeder to attract birds allowed on the balcony of our building :(

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