a double standard?

The unequal treatment of two religiously motivated crimes

I wonder how the third of such similar crimes in a few short days, the white supremacist who shot up the Holocaust museum yesterday, will fair in court.  That is if he lives to be tried.


2 thoughts on “a double standard?

  1. I think if there is any double standard it is in how we view the victims rather than how we view the perpetrators and their religious views. There is little sympathy in this country for George Tiller. Look at how the crime was reported – probably 90+% of the time he was not referred to by name but as late term abortion doctor. On the other hand, we have two new recruits who had never seen combat and were ready to “defend our country”. Unequal victims in this country. Someone who rapes a prostitute will likely face less severe charges/penalty than someone who rapes a suburban housewife. I think the bias is about how we view victims rather than how we view those charged with the crimes in these cases.

  2. That is a valid point. However, now it seems that the holocaust museum shooter is simply charged with murder as well. I would have thought shooting up a museum would be considered terroristic.

    I wonder if it also has something to do with the laws of the state. How many states have terrorism laws on the books? Looks like I’ll be taking a trip to the law library this weekend.

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