be still my hippy heart

Last weekend, I visited my local coop to stock up on organic Annie’s macncheese, alcohol free vanilla extract, and rapunzel bouillon, and a great sense of happiness settled upon me.  I was amongst my people, my earth loving, tree hugging, hippy dippy people.

Since we began to eat soley zabiha + unprocessed foods, both AbuS and I have felt a tremendous amount of baraka in our lives and in our marriage.  Why wouldn’t all muslims want to feel the same?   Then I felt a little sad.  Where were all the earth loving, tree hugging, hippy dippy muslims?   Alhamdulilah, they’re out there.

Via The Muslimah on FB:

There isn’t much yet on the site, but rest assured, I shall be checking it obsessively. 

I’m especially excited about this challenge, to submit islam/muslim based food wisdom to Michael Pollen.  I’m going to comb the hadith for wisdom from the blessed Prophet’s (saws) lips.


3 thoughts on “be still my hippy heart

  1. Alhamdulillah, thanks for the tip! I am also a big hippie so it’s great to see more Muslims going green (there is a pun there right?) and being healthy too!

    PS D’oh, I can’t read these squiggly comment passwords…

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