it's almost raaajab, it's almost raaajab

*doing a happy dance complete with a pot stir*

Allahumma baariklanaa fee rajabi wa sha’ban wa ballignaa shara ramadan

O Allah! Bless us in the holy months of Rajab and Sha’ban and make us reach the holy month of Ramadan!

Which means only 2 more months to Ramadan *it’s almost raaamadan, it’s almost raaamadan*

Time to amp up your fasting and get your prayers in order!


One thought on “it's almost raaajab, it's almost raaajab

  1. Ameen to the dua! SubhnAllah, these Prophetic duas and the Quranic duas are so cmplete…!

    May we all see the Glorious month of Ramadan and may Allah fill our hearts with His Love and His Beloved’s Love, may our feet remain firm on His Path till our last breath, Ameen! Ameen! Ameen!!!

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