new muslim cool thoughts

  • This is in no way a review of any sort, just my thoughts. A review would actually require concentration, and with little sleep, I have none.
  • Alhamdulilah it was 90 minutes.  I wish it had been longer.
  • On the other hand, that meant I was up past 11:00 p.m.  And I’m here at work with 5 hours of sleep.  And I don’t do good on anything less than 8.  Ur.
  • loved the muslim version of ring around the rosy: Ring around the kaaba/follow the sahaaba/sajda, sajda/we all bow down.
  • MashaAllah those brothers were rocking some awesome beards and thobes
  • Ditto mashaAllah rocking those tasbih.
  • Didya hear Imam Zaid? I’m pretty sure it was him introducing the event in Chicago.
  • I was speculating from the beginning that the masjid was related to Uthman dan Fodio in some way. I was right.  I found an interview with Br. Hamza done last year after watching the movie that mentions it, but can’t find it now.  Dur.
  • Now I have an urge to go dig up my african history books from my freshman year of college and reaquaint myself with muslim west africa. 
  • Also, need to introduce AbuS to Uthman dan Fodio (ra), cuz he needs to know some kick butt sufis.
  • The way Br. Hamza talked about the Prophet (saws) is exactly how I feel about him.  You read more, you change for the better and your love for him increases.
  • The dawah Br. Hamza was doing in the prison was awesome.
  • Can’t say I’m a fan of gender mixing crowds at hip hop concerts.
  • Overall, I thought the movie presented muslims in a very positive light.

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