will you be there?

Please excuse me for making this pop culture post.   Growing up, we didn’t list to a lot of pop music.  While other kids gushed about New Kids on the Block, I was still listening to Raffi and then Beethoven and musical soundtracks.

One bit of the mainstream did reach me however (aside from Walk Like an Egyptian, which was my favorite childhood song), the theme song from Free Willy, will you be there? I loved the movie and loved the theme song.  My sixth grade class chose it as our class song to sing at our end of the year program.  The lyrics were and are still beautiful.

I was never a huge Michael Jackson fan.  I shook my head at his crazy antics and in recent years made dua that he would accept Islam through is contacts in the gulf.

As I’m writing this, I don’t know if he has passed or not.  If he has, I hope that he found peace in recent years and had accepted Islam.  If he has not, I hope he recovers, takes stock of his life and gets things in order.

People ask why we should care about the death of a celebrity.   Is he any more important than anyone else in this world?  No, he is not, but with his death and the death of other celebrities, we should be reminded of  own impending death.  Soon too, we will end up in the grave waiting for the day of judgment.

Remembering Death

On Death and Dying

What should we feel about the death of the Pope (insert any famous person here)?

Use this as a wake up call to reflect on your own life and death.  Use it to know Allah (swt) more and seek His pleasure inshaAllah.

When mankind enters Jannah, will you be there?


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