argh cat!

It never fails. 

I get up to pray fajr around 5 and then attempt to sleep out on the couch for an hour or so before work.  Squeaky the Hutt decides she MUST talk to me NOW, and will meow meow meow…until it’s time to get up for work.  Then she sleeps.


I can’t wait for shorter days and the return of a more normal sleep pattern.  As much as it is teh awesome to finally get in the habit of praying all my prayers on time, isha starting at 11 and fajr ending around 5 leaves not a lot of time for much needed uninterrupted sleep.


4 thoughts on “argh cat!

  1. Your isha time is much later than ours.

    I find it easier to pray at the start of fajr and go back to sleep, but I am able to sleep in pretty late for work. Staying up after fajr makes the day seem so long.

  2. That it does. What would be ideal (in my mind at least) would be to go to work right after fajr, work 8.5 hours, come home early afternoon, pray zuhr and then take a nap.

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