walking hajj!

Zomgosh, hyperventilating here!  This + Ramadan excitement is almost too much to bear!

Hajj Walking Program

  • A unique program (never offered before) designed to follow the Sunnah of the prophet throughout the Hajj journey.
  • A guided tour uniquely designed to follow on the foot step of our beloved the prophet (SAW) and his pious companions.
  • This program is recommended for seasoned travelers, and Individuals who are willing to forsake the comfort of AC transportation, fancy hotel rooms and other services to gain the ultimate rewards.
  • The distance between Makkah and Mina is approximately 8 kilometers (~5 miles) while the distance between Mina and Arafat is approximately 14.4 kilometers (~9 miles).

Since becoming muslim, I’ve always wanted to make hajj walking.  Being stuck on buses in traffic for hours on end just doesn’t scream *spiritual awakening* to me.  Of course, walking around all those buses probably doesn’t either, but maybe, just maybe, this program has found a way to make it happen.

Make dua that I can convince AbuS that this is the way to go.  And make dua that we will be able to go in the next few years, before the hajj creeps into the summer months.  There is so much to save up for – a house, a new car, the hajj – and I really thank Allah (swt) that we can even consider doing these things.  It is only through His Mercy and Grace that we have the provisions to seek these goals.

The walking hajj would also force us to get back into shape.  I was going to the gym pretty consistently last year, until I adopted the Squeakster.  Then, I didn’t want to go to the gym after work – I wanted to go home to love up my kitty.  Not that I don’t want to love up my kitty anymore, but I’m sure she’ll be fine for that extra hour it takes me to go to the gym.  Plus, she’d probably be happy if her mommy doesn’t die of a heart attack before the age of 30.

For now, gotta push myself to at least start, by doing some (secular) yoga and pilates DVDs at home, and then after Ramadan inshaAllah, get back to the gym.

Ten Good Manners for Hajj by Imam al Ghazali

Fifthly, one should perform as much of the Hajj as possible on foot. On his deathbed, Ibn Abbas told his sons: ‘My sons, you should make Hajj on foot, for the walking pilgrim receives seven hundred blessings from the Sacred Sanctuary with every step he takes.’ One should take particular care to walk during the important rituals, such as the movement from Makka to Arafat and to Mina. Some ulema, however, have held that riding is better, because this allows one better to assist others, is safer, and keeps one away from situations which may provoke anger and resentment in one’s heart. In reality, this view is not in conflict with the former opinion: one should simply use one’s discernment, so that one walks if one finds walking easy, but rides if one is weak or fears that walking will worsen one’s behaviour and damage the quality of one’s actions. When performing the rites of Umra, it is best to walk, and to spend the money thus saved in good works.


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