IR attack

Please make dua for Islamic Relief.  I have been going through them for most of my zakat and sadaqa since I converted, and have always felt that my donations were in good hands. 

Islamic Relief Fire set deliberately

The Glasgow branch of Islamic Relief has been badly damaged by a fire which police say was started deliberately.

Habib Malik, head of Islamic Relief Scotland, said the fire was “a huge blow for the local community”.

He said: “Earlier this year, during the time of our Gaza Emergency Appeal we received a number of threats of this nature.

“We are an apolitical charity. We do not take sides in any conflict and simply act to help alleviate people’s suffering.

“Unfortunately, due to the fact we have the word ‘Islamic’ in our name we are often an easy target for certain racist and Islamaphobic groups and individuals.

“This despicable incident, which could have easily cost lives, has rightly been condemned by the whole community and by people of all faiths and none.”

The fire is estimated to have cost up to £80,000 worth of damage.


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