for pity's sake

I have a few conservative blogs on my to read list.   Although I’m sure I’m not a masochist, it’s usually pretty paintful to read and I often ask myself why oh why do I continue?

One of the less painful on that list is Rod Dreher’s Crunchy Con.  Despite our political differences (and I usually cringe when he writes about muslims), I do appreciate the crunchy aspect of his writings. 

Now here’s a first – a piece he wrote on muslims that actually made me alhamdulilah and not shake my head:

Why shouldn’t the Uighurs riot?

Question: Why is it cause for celebration and cheer in the West when the Tibetans riot against Chinese oppression, but a cause for alarm and condemnation when the Uighurs do the same thing? If the Uighurs were trying to establish a Taliban-like state, that would be one thing. But I’ve not seen evidence that they want anything more than to be treated with justice, especially in their own historic land. If you have other information, please share it.


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