…zucchini season!

It’s Farmer’s Market Thursday here in downtown Minneapolis, and the first week that zucchinis have graced us with their presence.   I went a bit zucchini crazy last year (ok, it was zucchini mad, with a zucchini infused dish every night for 3 weeks) and fully intend to make it an annual tradition.  If you have a tried and true zucchini recipe, send it my way!

On the to make list:

7 thoughts on “iiiiit's…

  1. oooooooooo, I LOVE zucchini. I’ve been eating mahshi koussa for the last two weeks. I’ve got a decent recipie from Claudia Rodan that includes a yogurt sauce if you’d like me to email it to you.


    I think she’s Lebanese and it’s a slightly different stuffing recipie that I’d like to try.

  2. zomgosh, even beyond the mahshy, that hummus with meat looks fabulous! I just made a hummus/babaganosh fusion this last weekend that was super tasty and I have some extra chickpeas that need to be used. Looks perfect

    *browses further* ooo, mediterranean cheese cake!

  3. I KNOW! I looooooove cookbooks, but I learn so much better if I can actually see it. My next project is stuffed ataif.

  4. As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

    I have them (we call them courgettes over here) on pizza. You can either get packs of 6 mini ones and use 2 or 3 or just cut an inch and a half off a normal size one. I tend to make my pizzas with mushrooms, courgettes, tuna or anchovy strips and garlic (plus tomato sauce and mozzarella of course). I haven’t had shop pizza in years.

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