sugar sugar

While it certainly is convenient to have a Target 2 blocks from work, it does have it’s drawbacks.  Like yesterday, I went to buy some hand soap and sugar over my lunch hour.  Ah, but getting the big soap refill is cheaper.  And a bigger bag of sugar is more economical than the smaller bag.  Oo, and I need peanut butter, better get the big jar of that too.  Oh no wait, my sugar container isn’t big enough for a big bag of sugar.  Better look for bigger containers too.  No wait, those are all too expensive.  What’s this?  And it’s clearanced??  Only 3 dollars???  Sold!

And that is how I ended up lugging 2 very heavy, very large bags of stuff home on the bus and became the proud owner of a this lovely  frog cookie jar, er, sugar container.  I can’t decide if it’s cute or hideous.  Maybe it’s hideously cute.  Or cutely hideous.

The Squeakster sniffs the newest addition to the household.  I swear, she sniffs everything.

I don’t have much in the way of an interior decorating plan or philosophy, but I do have an idea – frogs.  Yes, my kitchen will one day inshaAllah be frog themed.  When I moved into my apartment 4 years ago, my mom and I went thrift shopping for a few things I needed and came upon a pottery barn pot that had a leaping frog on it.  Just what I needed to store my kitchen utensils in!

I haven’t worked much on that theme since then, because someone in this household who is not me is uber frugal and doesn’t think I need to spend money decorating my kitchen.   The tide may be turning however.  We went to the mall this past weekend to spend some gift cards and I dragged AbuS into William Sonoma to browse.  While there,  he fell in love with the espresso machines and decided we needed one.  We test drove a few, but ended up only purchasing a much needed apron.  However, an espresso machine has been added to our new “to get” list.   We need a new microwave, a bookshelf and now apparently, an espresso machine (and an ipod touch, but that’s a different story).

In any case, I’ve rambled on long enough about nothing.  I assembled what I have thus far for my funky green and orange frog themed kitchen.  It’s not much, but it’s a looong way from the kid who had absolutely no desire to be girly and domesticish.


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