i'm very talented

I’ve inadvertently managed to alienate the 3 childhood friends I still speak with in the last month.   Last one today.

Why is it that these things always happen when you can’t run to your room, curl up in bed and cry?

Also, I’ve deactivated facebook.  Whether or not I’m going to withdraw from the world is as of yet undecided.

Finally, gmail won’t let me log in.  It’s just not my day.


5 thoughts on “i'm very talented

  1. wow, I know how this feels. BOY do I know how this feels. InshaAllah it will get better.

    I just deactivated facebook as well, and am in the process of ridding the world of my pre-Islam photos.

    I dunno what I can say to help, but if you wanna talk/vent my e-mail is findingguidance@gmail.com.

  2. Thank you :) I usually brood until bedtime, then sleep and wake up better. Today is a new day, and inshaAllah it will be better…if my computer programs and office equipment here at work decide to cooperate…which they’re not…argh!

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