i've been tagged

by Sr. Sabiha

Here’s the deal to do the Honest Tag:  tell your readers 10 things about you that they may or may not know, but are true.

1.  I don’t follow through.  I leave a litter of unfinished projects in my wake.

2.  I love Star Wars, and probably have the majority of official cannon books.

3.  I love books in general.  As soon as I learned how to read, I stopped doing just about anything else.  I would stand by my nightlight after I was suppose to be asleep and read until midnight.

4.  Being fat is a self fulfilling prophecy.  I always thought I was fat, so I became fat.  Looking back at my high school pictures, I really wasn’t fat.  Alas, I am now.

5.  I met my husband on ICQ.  Yes, we are one of those weird internet couples.  But, 8 years on, we’re still going.

6.  I swear I have some mild form of OCD.  I obsess about things, but the target of my obsessions change.

7.  I have a cross on my high school class ring.  My mom told me I would regret it someday, but I insisted, because I was very firm in my faith.  Now I regret it.  Can’t wear it anymore :(

8.  I don’t know what I want to do with my life.  I thought I would go to law school eventually, but I really don’t want to be a lawyer anymore. 

9.  I’m rarely ever fully rested.  Even after 8 hours of sleep, I wake up tired and have to drag myself through the day.

10.  I love Allah (swt) and His Messenger (saws).



I think just about everyone in the blogosphere has been tagged already, but if you haven’t, go for it!


2 thoughts on “i've been tagged

  1. Hehe don’t feel too bad sis, my husband and I met while playing a video game online (so far I haven’t been out-nerded on that yet).

    And about #4, you should not think like that sis, maybe you are just thinking you are fat like back then and will look at pictures from now in the future and be saying the same thing. Change it up now! It’s never too late!

  2. Ah, alas, after years of working at McDonalds, eating poorly and not exercising, I’m definitely in the overweight category.

    inshaAllah after Ramadan, I’ll join the gym again and work towards getting in shape :)

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