post jummah musing

1.  MashaAllah, great khutbah on the importance of preparing for Ramadan in Shaban.   Less rambling and disjointed than usual, and it clocked in at a mere 35 minutes.

2.  Again, Female Body Inspector?  I just can’t get over how someone could possibly think that this is an appropriate shirt for a muslim to wear when it blatently contradicts explicit quranic instructions.  And to the masjid?

3.  Dear brother in Islam:  While I appreciate the fact that you untucked your shirt to cover your obviously sagging pants and that you are bringing your sons with you to jummah, next time please make sure your 10 year old son’s pants are not hanging down to his knees, displaying his cartoon boxers for the entire jamaat to see.  Thank you.


3 thoughts on “post jummah musing

  1. Pants hanging down to the knees LOL. Sounds like someone leaves the hard stuff to the mom of this boy! Hopefully as we get into Ramadan this will improve! Love you lots.

  2. This isn’t even the first time he’s worn the shirt! One of the things I love about this masjid is that everyone from gang bangers to congressmen (ok, just a single united states congressman, but that’s enough, lol) attend. But homeboy please, watch what you wear!

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