new wallet

My faithful hello kitty wallet is on it’s last leg.  The card holder is ripped almost all the way to the top, and my Macy’s card managed to break free to regions unknown (which btw, they can apparently look up at the store with your driver’s license and ssn.  but only if they put the ssn in correctly when they opened the account.  otherwise they claim that you have no account and they can’t do anything, despite the fact that you have a reciept clearly showing that you had a card and made a purchase no more than a week ago.  And no, it’s not my husband’s card.  If it were my husband’s card, I would have said so.  Just cuz I wear this thing on my head does not mean my husband controls my life!).  *breathe in, breathe out, calm*

So yeah, I need a new wallet.  Which one should I get?


5 thoughts on “new wallet

  1. Ok, so we’re one for one. Need more votes people!

    The one on the left is chubby like Squeaky, and the one on the right has her colors. Maybe I’ll just buy both. Wouldn’t AbuS like that, lol.

  2. The one of the left. Looks a wee bit more professional (as professional as you can get with a cat on your wallet.)

    Definitely the one on the left.

  3. Heh, I’m so not a professional person. My office is decorated with a half dozen little cat figurines, and assorted star wars paraphernalia and my purses are LeSportsac.

    Ok, 2 votes for the left, one for the right.

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