As much as I adore Shukr, I’m a bit miffed with them right now.

So I have packages shipped to me at work.  When they’re shipped to my apartment, they arrive while I’m at work and sit outside in the hallway, just begging to be stolen.  So I enter my contact info as such:

First name, last name/a b & c LLP

I need to put my name and the company name on the same line, as the rest of the address takes up the 2 lines they give for addresses.

For some reason, the package was addressed to:


I can see how they might leave out my name, but to cut off most of the company name too?  It’s a blessing from Allah (swt) that it even made it here! 

So the mail room had to open my package to see who it was for.  And my name wasn’t in there either!  Thank God my cell number was on it so they could figure out who it went to.


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