my apologies

Ok, I’ve moved yet again. 


There is something sureal about rolling mahshy while watching Julia Child sewing up a chicken and then slapping blanched bacon on the outside before roasting it on a spit.

Hello Kitty has finally been retired.  I think I’ve had a Hello Kitty wallet for the last 10 years.  My new wallet came today and it’s faboo.  I do need to cut down on cards however, so it does not suffer the same fate as my last wallets – too many cards for the poor little pockets to hold, so they burst at the seems.  I also need to get a new picture of AbuS to put in it.  The one I have is 8 years old :0

I can’t decide on a good theme for ma blog.  I like the one that’s grey with the swirls in the background, but for some reason the categories are all messed up –  it only shows a few, and there’s no option to see more.


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