It took all my energy and a great deal of effort to remain calm when I walked into Target over my lunch break and saw a whole big display selling Favre Vikings Jerseys.   Ohh, how I wanted to tip a rack or 2 over.

Am I a bad person if I hope he falls flat on his face in a very spectacular manner?

*think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts*


6 thoughts on “gah

  1. I’m the kind of person who would have looked at the tags on the jerseys to see if they were licensed NFL wear, or just someone out to make a quick buck. But then I’d have to figure out what I’d do if I saw they weren’t licensed. Good old law and order me, I’d probably turn them in.

    By the way, your kitty is so CUTE!!! I’m a sucker for cute kitties, I have two.

  2. Aww, I see one cute kitty in your blogger profile. Will I find more if I go through your blog?

    I think the jerseys were licensed, but still, rrrrrrr >:(

  3. I need to put some more kitties on my website. I have a ton of pictures on my BlackBerry. It’s just so very difficult to get a good picture of Xena, her blue eyes either come out red or reflect the light completely.

    Too bad the jerseys were licensed…

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