cheezburger mmm


6 thoughts on “cheezburger mmm

  1. Heh! Squeaky totally sits like that as well, although it’s usually after a good thorough cleaning.

    The remote was put there by me, but her position was all her.

  2. LOL..

    (At work… looks around to ascertain if anyone is staring. . . ”


    I can’t say that I’ve ever seen my cat do that. Maybe it’s a girl kitty thing?

  3. The sitting on the behind thing? I have no idea, but it’s beyond adorable! It’s a little hard to catch, because when I pull out the camera to take a picture, she decides she needs to sniff the camera and runs up to me.

    Here’s one that’s an ooo camera must smell it!

    And one where she’s just chillin on my prayer rug

  4. As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

    If you don’t mind a doggy video … check out this one, also from WildKat’s channel (that’s one of hers, not just one she flagged up).

    There’s an interesting back story to this one. This is by the lady I referred to in the recent discussion on mobile phones at Digital Niqabi, the one who suddenly became paralysed. The yellow dog in this video had been her guide dog for four years before that happened in 2004, kept her company for eight months in hospital and rehab, and then had to help pull her round town as well as guide her. So she’s sitting there looking tired and a bit fed up with this whippersnapper (well, it’s a young husky, and they grow to be pretty big) jumping around the place while she’s trying to rest, and a bit resentful of having to share the lady with her!

  5. wa alaikum assalam,

    Although I”m not much of a dog person, I’d probably enjoy hanging out with that dog…for awhile. When I moved to the twin cities, I lived with friends who had 4, count that 4 dogs, including one the size of a moose. I think I’ve had my fill of the canine species for quite a few years to come, lol.

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