how on earth…

…did the republican party of minnesota get my unlisted cell number?  And why must they keep calling me at work to poll me?  And why did the pollster have a very strong baaasten accent?  I know organizations sell their phone lists, but what organization that I belong to would ever sell their list to the other side?

To continue at random, I’ve been coughing quite a bit this last week.  Now, I normally cough alot, seeing as how I’m apparently allergic to everything that floats in the air, and have cold induced asthma (which is the perfect asthma to have in minne-snow-da, cuz it never gets cold here), but I’ve been coughing more than usual.  At first, I thought it was all in my mind – can’t use my inhaler, can’t suck on cough drops, can’t drink tea – so my brain is just playing games with me, knowing I can’t get relief.

But now it’s progressed to a sore throat, itchy eyes, muscle aches, and most shocking of all – an ear ache.  Now, for most people that isn’t a big deal.  But I haven’t had an ear ache since I was 4 years old.  That’s when I had my tonsils taken out and tubes put in my ears to drain fluid that had been pooling (or something like that).  

Throughout my childhood, my brother and sister got strep throat and ear aches at least once a year.  Not me.  I’ve never had strep throat, ever, alhamdulilah.  My throat gets sore very rarely, and my ears, never.  Until now.

So now I’m really worried.  What could possibly be giving me an ear ache?  Of course, the first thing I google is “swine flu.”  Uh oh.

inshaAllah it’s really just the cold my coworker brought to work last week.  inshaAllah inshaAllah inshaAllah.


2 thoughts on “how on earth…

  1. So, I was thinking about your dilemma last night and I think I’ve come up with a decent solution. If you have caller ID on your phone, the next time you see an odd number ring through, answer the phone something along the lines of,

    “Big Mama’s Meat Shack! Big Mama speaking, what can I butcher for you?”

    That should throw the caller off a bit.

  2. bwahaha! This brings to mind what an aquaintence did in high school when the army recruiters wouldn’t stop calling him. He kept them on the phone for more than 90 minutes, and then at the end said, oops, gotta go, my boyfriend is here for our date. We’ve been together almost 3 years can you believe it? They never called back ;)

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