i’m in love…

…with big chunky shoes.

So I already own these (in fact, I’m wearing them right now.   Heck, I wear them just about every day):

And now am totally in love with these:

3 thoughts on “i’m in love…

  1. I am swooning over these too! Thanks a lot, they probably cost an arm and a leg…(I just can tell by their kick b*** design).

    I MUST have the last pair with the toggles!!! MUST! Divulge all information about these sweet kicks at once! OMG, are those FROGGIES on the side? I could just DIE!

  2. Tickly toes – JazakAllah khair for visiting and your comments. Ramadan mubarak to you as well.

    sabiwabi – they are a bit pricey (I think I bought mine for $120 last year), but they are really worth the money. Even better – they’re recycled (ok, the soles are at least). I’ve worn them just about every day, and they still are in decent shape. I’m thinking about getting one in a different color each year :)

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