ramadan lights and one spoiled kitty

Alas, my cold has flattened me.  I had thought everything would work out so that I could fast every day this Ramadan, but we plot and we plan, but Allah (swt) is the best of all planners.

And they planned and Allah (also) planned, and Allah is the best of planners. (3:54)

So I’m at home hanging with my very spoiled kitty who is going to be much more spoiled after this impromptu 4 day weekend with her mommy.  She’s currently sitting on my lap, fluffing on my favorite skirt and demanding that I pet her instead of blog.   Thanks cat.

Also, thanks to noorjahaan, my ramadan lights are now operational!  JazakAllah khair!  I plan to spend a lot of time with the Qur’an over these next 4 days under my spiffy new decorations :)

Video of lights and the spoiled kitty behind “read more” break :D

Vodpod videos no longer available.

2 thoughts on “ramadan lights and one spoiled kitty

  1. assalaamu alaykum

    i’m sorry it took me so long to mail the adapter … i always put off going to the post office and i don’t know why!

    i, too, have been sick the past couple of days (all week, really). my throat has been so sore! i handled it well enough to keep my fast until thursday. i had to be at work that day (and i’m on the phone allllll day everyyyy day) and around 11A, i just could not bear the pain anymore so i broke my fast for some hot tea and a throat lozenge. i felt extremely … disappointed – but, as you say, Allah is the best of planners and I will make the day up as soon as I can.

    hope you feel better soon!!



    (oh, the lights are sweet!)

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